HygIQ: Transforming Washroom Management with IoT-enabled Solutions

About Us:

At HygIQ, we are dedicated to revolutionizing washroom management with our IoT-enabled solution. Our comprehensive platform combines cleaning and monitoring functionalities, along with staff activity tracking, to create a smarter and more efficient washroom environment. With HygIQ, we empower businesses to enhance hygiene standards, streamline operations, and deliver exceptional washroom experiences.


IoT-enabled Monitoring: HygIQ utilizes IoT sensors to monitor essential parameters like occupancy, air quality, and supply levels in real-time. This enables timely interventions, ensuring a clean and well-maintained washroom environment.

Staff Activity Tracking: Our solution includes staff activity tracking, allowing businesses to monitor and optimize cleaning operations. Real-time data on staff activities, task completion, and response times enable efficient resource allocation and accountability.

Smart Cleaning Schedules: HygIQ generates intelligent cleaning schedules based on real-time occupancy and usage patterns. This ensures that cleaning activities are targeted and prioritized, optimizing resources and maintaining hygiene standards throughout the day.

How It Works:
HygIQ integrates IoT sensors, cloud-based analytics, and a user-friendly dashboard. IoT sensors installed in washrooms capture data on occupancy, air quality, and supply levels. The data is then securely transmitted to our cloud platform, where it is processed and analyzed in real-time. The intuitive dashboard provides actionable insights, alerts, and comprehensive reporting to facilitate informed decision-making.


Enhanced Hygiene Standards: HygIQ enables businesses to maintain consistently high hygiene standards by providing real-time monitoring and targeted cleaning interventions.

Operational Efficiency: With optimized cleaning schedules, businesses can improve resource allocation, reduce wastage, and streamline cleaning operations.

Exceptional Washroom Experience: HygIQ ensures that washrooms are well-maintained, adequately stocked, and clean, enhancing the overall experience for users.

Data-Driven Insights: The platform provides valuable data and analytics that help businesses gain insights into washroom usage patterns, optimize resources, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Join HygIQ and embrace the power of IoT for smarter washroom management, better hygiene, and satisfied users.


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